San Ramon

San Ramon

San Ramon is a city of 76,000 people spread between 12 main neighborhoods. The home prices in San Ramon home prices are among the most expensive in California, as well as in the entire country. Known as mainly a white-collar city, only 6% are employed in another profession.  

Overall, San Ramon is a city of professionals and managers, as well as sales and office workers. Because San Ramon is home to Bishop Ranch Business Park, it has created a huge number of job opportunities. This is a 3,000-acre business campus. Everything from Fortune 500 companies (AT&T and Chevron), local startups, and more co-exist together in this building.

Known for being family-oriented, San Ramon has various great schools, low crime rates, and college-educated neighbors. It is good to note that San Ramon is ethnically diverse, with people with ancestry primarily from Asia and all over Europe. The annual average income for a family of four is $255,128. When choosing a good community to raise children, San Ramon is the perfect location. 


Choosing where you want to live in San Ramon can prove difficult because there are so many wonderful neighborhoods. The main choice you will want to make is if you want to live on a large piece of land or if you want to live in more of a community. 

Gale Ranch

Known as an up-and-coming area, Gale Ranch is home to luxurious and modern homes. With over 20 parks and a champion golf course, this is a family-oriented luxury at its finest. There are great community schools and lots of open space. If you are looking for amazing panoramic views of the San Ramon Valley, Gale Ranch is a perfect location to move to.


Established in the early 2000s and expanded upon in 2010, Windemere is popular for those who are looking for large lots. Considering the parcels of land that are available in this neighborhood, the prices are of great value. Looking for a one-acre lot or for 19 acres, you can find both. With parks, shopping, and top schools, Windermere is a nice place to live.

The Bridges

Known as The Bridges Rancho Santa Fe, this is a golfing community sitting on 540 acres. With around 240 homes, you cannot find many homes that are valued under $2 million. This is an incredibly beautiful community that offers more than just golf. Features include:

  • Private massage rooms
  • Dry saunas
  • Jacuzzi
  • Casual restaurants
  • Full-service day spa
  • Top of the line gym
  • Indoor basketball court
  • Outdoor lap pool 
  • Access to a large sun deck
  • Aerobic classes
  • Tennis courts

Norris Canyon Estates and Roubion

If you love nature then Norris Canyon Estates and Roubion are for you. On average, these homes sell for around $2 million or more. It is understandable, as this San Ramon neighborhood is secluded in a breathtaking wooded setting. Each home is at least 3500 sq ft and typically has the option to be built upon up to 6000. There is an extra road maintenance fee of approximately $2100 per year that is added to the contract of each home, similar to an HOA.

West San Ramon Hill Area

The West San Ramon Hills are made up of a few different neighborhoods. Although closer living conditions than some of the other communities, there are still a few lots to be found of at least 2 acres. When living in the Hills you can enjoy contemporary homes and incredible views of hills and valleys. These homes also boast low HOA dues and playgrounds located in the community. With good access to freeways for commuters, this is a wonderful area to live in.


This is a great neighborhood if you are looking for the comforts of upscale living for a more relaxed price. Homes in the area sell for around $600,000 rather than growing over that one million dollar mark. Single-family homes make up the bulk of this community, which makes it extremely peaceful and more private than other areas. With only 18% of the population renting, there is a huge number of amenities in Newcastle. Although there is an HOA fee, you have the opportunity to use pools, the clubhouse, and community buildings.

Things to Do

Las Trampas Wilderness

Best Hiking Trails

If you enjoy hiking then this is a great opportunity to get some exercise in nature. The hike to the top is tough but worth it. Be sure to bring a snack or picnic so that after exploring the area you can enjoy a nice meal before heading back down.

San Ramon Art & Wind Festival

Most Interesting Festival

This festival most often takes place in May and offers the opportunity to shop local and handmade pieces or fly kites at this fun event. Whether you are looking for leather products, or to allow your child to fly a kite, this can be fun for you and the rest of your family. If your children are too young to fly or make their own kites, you can watch kite flying demonstrations by professional kite flying champions. 

The Bridges Golf Course

Best Golf Course

The Bridges Golf Course is one of Northern California's highest-rated courses. It is located in the rolling foothills of San Ramon and offers a variety of different courses to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a new course other than that at your home, or you do not have a golf course where you live, this is a great place to let off some steam and enjoy.

City Center Bishop Ranch

Best Shopping

From new to boutique, and designer brands too, City Center Bishop Ranch is the ultimate shopping destination. This is more than a mall, it is the mall of your dreams. Let the kids enjoy themselves while you shop or grab a bite to eat at one of the many great restaurants.

Z Escape Games

Best Family Activity

Kids need to have fun too! Discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room within 60 minutes. You may have heard of escape rooms before, but these rooms are different than you have ever experienced. Whether you are hosting a child’s birthday party, or want to get the office together for something different for a change. Z Escape is the place to do it.


Bamboo Sushi

Best Sushi

If you are looking for a California roll or something more adventurous, Bamboo sushi offers incredibly tasty food. Check out some of their special rolls for a huge play on your taste buds. Good for the classic sushi lover and the sushi hater too (they have chicken teriyaki!).


Best Italian

If you are looking for a hip place to go to dinner Delarosa is what you are looking for. Whether you want a craft cocktail or a great caesar salad, Delarosa offers it all. Bring the entire family for a wonderful night out, or spend date night here.

Roam Artisan Burgers

Best Burger

High-quality burger joint with seasonal and local produce. Whether you want a meat burger or something more veggie-friendly, Roam Artisan Burgers offers the best of the best. All food is sourced from farmers who are dedicated to traditional methods of agriculture.

A Social Affair

Best Bar and Tapas

When you think of a casual yet modern lounge, that is what you get with Social Affair. Come for a few cocktails, or grab a tea and tapas. Relax and go all out, or have something small. If you want a casual night in a high-class setting, this is where you should go.

The Lot

Best Night Out

The Lot is a restaurant that meets an upscale movie theatre. Serving items like ahi tuna nachos, sweet potato gnocchi, and short ribs, you will be sure to enjoy your time. This is located in a central location and is a fun day or night out with yummy snacks to try along with a cold beer or cocktail. Head to the many recliner seats in 10 different theatres. Whether you want brunch or taco Tuesday, you have the opportunity for whichever you like. 

The Slanted Door

Nationally Acclaimed Vietnamese Food

If you like Asian flavors, this Vietnamese cuisine-inspired restaurant features a stunning open kitchen and exciting patio. Look out over the square while you enjoy your meal. This experience is like nothing from miles around. Impress your friends by taking them to this reservation.

Beauty and Relaxation

Body Line’s Day Spa

Best Spa

Massage therapy is a powerful tool. It can help to restore balance and relax. At Body Line’s they can offer a beautiful spa setting while you relax. If you need a truly therapeutic treatment, the spa coordinators can find someone to suit your needs.

Enlighten Float

Interesting Body Therapy

Have you ever heard of a floatation therapy center? Relax and reduce stress while you float away in your own private room. This type of Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy offers many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, reducing stress hormones, improving sleep, enhanced recovery, and pain management.


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