San Francisco Monday Morning Market Update: Week 7

San Francisco Monday Morning Market Update: Week 7

  • Timothy Farnham
  • 02/14/22

This is a weekly YoutTube vlog series dedicated to informing YOU about the last week's market movements.

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Starting in the Condo segment, we saw another pull-back in listings with only 45 in the under 1M segment and 55 in the over 1M segment, which is 57 in total less than last week.  This is the lowest number of listings since early January.  DOM is holding steady in both segments at 25 and 20 days respectively. 

Now to the Single Family Home market where we saw about the same number of listings as last week, with just about 40 listings, only 4 less than last week.  It looks lime most homes hitting the market are gone within a week, with DOM staying at 11 days in both segments.

In the Luxury Home market, we saw an increase in listings in the under 3M segment but a decrease in the over 3M segment, making the total new listings available at 24, and the available homes, 74.  One surprising thing to see though is that back in January, the DOM for this over 3M segment was just over 4 months… now, it’s just 13 days.  This over 3M segment is hot as there is just not enough of these luxury homes hit the market to keep up with demand.

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