How To Make Your Mudroom and Entryway Appealing

How To Make Your Mudroom and Entryway Appealing

  • Timothy Farnham
  • 05/8/22

The Junk Drawer

Assign a home to all your belongings in your mudroom and entryway. Don’t let an important area of your home become a bigger version of your designated “junk drawer.” Here are a few tips to keep this space organized.

Brighten it up

Make a mudroom and entryway pop with the perfect color! Though the name may not suggest it, it’s probably the first part of your home guests see. A tranquil color can be just the thing your mudroom or entryway needs to give off a relaxing vibe and for your guests to feel welcome.

Decide what belongs in this space

Pick and choose what you want in your mudroom. Items like umbrellas, book bags, coats, shoes, and maybe laundry, are all well-suited for this room. Once you decide what items you do and don’t want here—stick to it! If the laundry is done upstairs, make a point of not leaving any dirty jackets or clothes in this area of your home. Have a designated spot for everything you own, that way you can avoid clutter.

Utilize wall space

More often than not, mudrooms and entryways are small areas of the house to work with. So, instead of thinking how limited your floor space is, start building up!

Utilize your wall space with hooks and decorative holders for items you don’t need to have on the ground. Hanging coats, keys, and other items can help you optimize the space you are working with.


This is a type of strong paneling that can be applied to the bottom of any wall but can be particularly helpful in a mudroom where shoes and bags go flying about. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing as a look for your home, but it also plays defense against the messiness and unpredictability that comes along with kids and pets running around the house.

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