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Black Label Preferred Lenders

We recommend getting multiple quotes before your purchase to ensure you are getting the most out of your mortgage payments.

Black Label preferred lenders  get you access to competitive rates and dedicated support from industry-leading lenders.

Bridge Loan Services

A simple solution to bridge the gap between the home you have and the home you want.​​​​​​​

Most people have a lot of equity in their existing home and not much to put down on their next home until their current home sells.  A bridge loan is a great way to leverage your existing equity in your home so you can buy your next home before we sell your existing home.  This makes it possible to shop around for your new new home, make cash offers on your new home, then sell your home AFTER you have moved into your new home.  This also showing your home much easier and more often then not will bring a premium for your existing home as it will be cleaned, repaired, and stages to perfection with Black Label's Concierge Service.  The increased value your home will bring when it is in pristine condition plus the benefits of writing a cash offer typically more than covers the fee's of the bridge loan.

Benefit summary:

  1. No worries about not finding the right place after selling your home
  2. Sell your home for more
  3. Buy your home for less

What’s a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that uses the equity from your current home to help you make an offer on a new one, without rushing to sell.

Our Solution

After months of research, Black Label has selected lenders that are offering competitive rates and dedicated service for Black Label clients. Already working with a lender you love? No problem. This unique solution lets you choose the provider that works best for you.

Bridge Loan Advance

Work with a Black Label agent to sell your current home and get up to six months of your bridge loan payments and other associated costs fronted, regardless of the lender you use.*

Does a Bridge Loan Make Sense For You?

Is your money tied up in your current home?

If you need to move but your money is tied up in the equity of your current house, a bridge loan can help you secure funding to facilitate the transition to a new home — like for a down payment or mortgage payments. Once your current home sells, you’ll use the proceeds to pay the bridge loan back.

Do you need to move within a specific timeframe?

If you’re relocating for a new job or other reason, a bridge loan can afford you the freedom to move on your own terms and secure a new house when you need to, without having to wait for your old home to sell.

Does your home require renovations or other work?

Whether you’re using Black Label Concierge Service to increase your home’s value, or are making improvements on your own, it may be easier to have construction work done when you’re out of the house. A bridge loan can help you move faster so you’re out of the house while those improvements are being completed.

How It Works


Inquire directly with a bridge loan lender to see financing options and if you qualify.


Apply to get pre-approved for a bridge loan with the lender of your choice, while searching with your Black Label agent for your next home.


If approved for a bridge loan, you may also qualify for an advance of the interest fee's while we list your home.


If needed, use your approved bridge loan to strengthen your bid on a new home.


Move into your new home while your Black Label agent works to sell your current home.

Use Black Label  concierge home improvement services to sell your home faster and for more money.


When your old home sells, simply use the proceeds to pay back the bridge loan and Bridge Loan Advance.

Next Step: Finding a Lender

​​​​​​​While Black Label clients are encouraged to find the best lender for them, we do have preferred lenders for you to choose from.

Sunnyhill Financial
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RPM Mortgage
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Your First Mortgage
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Bridge Loans by Stonecrest Financial

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When looking for a mortgage, it’s important to find a company that specializes in mortgages above all else, and to find a lender that can address your unique home-buying or refinancing needs, regardless of how unique your circumstances may be. That’s the Freedom Mortgage difference.

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Your Questions Answered

What rates and fees accompany a bridge loan?

The rates and fees for each bridge loan are determined by the lender. We recommend reaching out to a bridge loan lender directly to learn more. As a reminder, the bridge loan itself can be from any lender of your choice. 

*Not all clients will qualify for the bridge loan advance.  Only the most well qualified will be eligible.

Information regarding lenders which offer short-term Bridge Loan financing is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of the particular lenders referenced. Black Label cannot guarantee that these institutions will be able to assist and does not assume any responsibility as to the performance of services to be provided by these institutions. There are no requirements that you participate in the Black Label Loan Services or obtain a loan from these providers to participate in any other Black Label programs (such as Black Label Concierge). Speak to your Bridge Loan lender about all the costs you may be responsible for in connection with your Bridge Loan.

Black Label is not a mortgage lender.  Clients may use any mortgage products they like and are under no obligation to use Black Label's preferred lenders.  However, we have worked with and trust theses lenders and know you will recive great rates be treated as a valued client.

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